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The constant demands of being a mom can sometimes leave us feeling run down.

Life is hard. It is a constantly changing, morphing mess of struggles and stress, mixed in with the occasional triumph and success.

It’s easy to focus on life’s negatives, but by choosing to adopt a “half-full” mentality to life and motherhood, you can change your outlook completely. The following are 12 habits of extremely happy moms to start living your best life.

12 habits of extremely happy moms

happy moms have a purpose.

Happy moms understand that having purpose creates fulfillment. A purpose can come in many forms. It can be the stay at home mom whose purpose is to raise strong, healthy children and run her household. Or, it may be the professional mom juggling work and domestic responsibilities.

Whatever your situation, make it a point to find purpose and create direction in your life.

happy moms practice self-care.

I cannot emphasize how important it is to practice intentional self-care. Trust me, the benefits are tremendous!

Oftentimes, moms instinctively put the needs of their family before their own. While it’s important to care for your family, this shouldn’t come at the risk of your own well-being.

Making time for yourself daily will help you feel your best, improve your mood and overall make you a much happier mom. For more tips on how to incorporate a self-care routine into your day click here.

daily affirmation cards for moms - balanced mothering

happy moms are content.

The grass is usually not greener on the other side…

Fight the urge to constantly compare yourself to others and instead choose to be content with your own circumstances.

Oftentimes, we look at other people’s lives with envy, wanting what they have. Sure, things may look perfect from the outside, but we are not privy to the reality within. So what’s the point? Instead, focus on realizing your own goals and ambitions.

happy moms let go of perfection.

When envisioning motherhood, most of us probably had an idea in our heads of how things would go…

Obviously, the reality is much different.

Hands down, being a mom is the hardest job title you will ever have. You are literally charged with the responsibility of molding little people into productive, normal human beings. Sounds pretty daunting, right?

One commonality among extremely happy moms is that they have let go of the idea of “perfection”. Perfection simply doesn’t exist, in any sphere of our lives, but most especially in motherhood.

You will make mistakes, and that’s OK. It’s how you handle and learn from those mistakes that will determine the best possible outcome. Focus on embracing the journey and enjoying the ride.

happy moms practice gratitude.

Practicing intentional gratitude is something that we often lack in our lives, especially with the addition of social media.

Again, we are only seeing a small part of the picture, and a huge part of the puzzle is missing. Seeing another individual’s life through neatly fashioned rows of stylized squares can make us feel negativity towards our own circumstances. You will become a much happier mom if you choose instead to be grateful with what you have.

happy moms establish routines.

Routines are key in our household. When you have solid routines in place, for both you and your children, things automatically run much smoother. Having clear expectations in place for your day will reduce overwhelm and improve your productivity. When you feel like you are rocking life, you instantly feel happier. Am I right?

For a look at how we currently structure our days, check out my work at home mom schedule. I am a homeschooling mom of two little boys, who also works from home, so our lives are pretty busy and hectic. Hopefully a glimpse into our crazy life will help you establish routines that work for your family.

happy moms move their body.

We know that exercising helps release endorphins, which automatically puts you in a better mood…

Exercising regularly is a great step towards becoming a happier mom. You will feel better, be more comfortable in your skin and truly benefit from those feel-good endorphins.

My number one tip in regards to exercise is to choose an activity you enjoy. Personally, if I am doing something I enjoy, I am more likely to fit exercise in my day.

Don’t make exercising a chore, but instead keep things simple. Exercise should be an enjoyable timeout from your busy day. It can even be as easy as taking a long walk in your neighborhood.

happy moms ditch the yoga pants.

I love yoga pants as much as the next mom, but try putting a little more effort into what you wear. When you look your best, you automatically feel your best.

Even if you are planning on spending your day picking up cheerios off the kitchen floor, take a few minutes to primp in the morning. Trust me, your spouse will appreciate it too!

happy moms nurture relationships.

Mothering requires 100% of our time, but do your best not to neglect those most important in your life.

Make it a priority to nurture and care for your relationship with your significant other. Eventually, the kids will be grown and it will again be the two of you. While we love our children dearly, lets not forget to show love to our special someone.

Also, hold tight to your mom friends. They are your outlet for sharing in the struggles of motherhood. They are your break when things get hectic. Make time to nurture and appreciate the special bond you share with your friends. Truly, they are the ones who understand this season of life.

12 habits of extremely happy moms

happy moms embrace failure.

It’s not about failing, but what you do after…

Failure is a normal part of life and something we will experience time and time again. That’s life, right? When dealt with in a productive manner, failure is super beneficial to our lives. Failure helps us grow as individuals and drives us to do better.

When faced with failure in your life, don’t let it get you down. Happy moms know that this too shall pass and instead choose to look for the silver lining. Read more tips on how to embrace the failures in your life here.

happy moms live in the moment.

Life just feels like it is flying by. The days become a blur and blend one into the next. Happy moms know how to stop and appreciate where they are in the moment. Do your best to fully embrace each and every day.

Balanced mothering = redefining what it means to have it all

happy moms laugh often.

Laughter is life’s best medicine. Even on those super hard days, try to look at the bright side. Find humor in the crazy moments and laugh as much as you can. You will instantly feel happier.

Even if it feels like you are failing at this mom thing, you are not! Being a mom is hard, but also super rewarding. Happiness comes from within and by implementing these tips you will become the extremely happy mom of your dreams.

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