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You will always find a jar… or two… of coconut oil in my home.

Coconut oil is a nutritional powerhouse and necessity for any natural home.  Below are 50 benefits and uses for coconut oil.

balanced mothering - 50 uses for coconut oil in your home


• Coconut oil improves digestion by eliminating bad bacteria, which can lead to indigestion and inflammation.  It aids in the absorption of minerals and vitamins consumed from food.

• The fatty acids in coconut oil may help naturally balance hormones and promote hormone production.

• Coconut oil can help with weight loss.  High concentrations of medium-chain triglycerides found in coconut oil may speed up your metabolism and help you lose belly fat.  Also, regular consumption of coconut oil can help eliminate food cravings.

• The lauric acid found in coconut oil can boost immunity.  The body converts lauric acid to monolaurin which helps build up the immune system and fight infection.

• Coconut oil is great for skincare.  Its anti-aging and anti-viral properties leave skin feeling hydrated and soft.  Also, the Vitamin E in coconut oil may help improve the appearance of wrinkles.

• Because it improves scalp health and promotes hair growth, coconut oil is also great for your hair.

• Coconut oil improves the health of your teeth.  The lauric acid in coconut oil helps fight bad bacteria in your mouth, helping to prevent cavities, plaque and gum disease.



1. Because it has a high smoke point, coconut oil is perfect for stir-frys.

2. Use it to make bulletproof coffee (add some coconut oil to your coffee and use an immersion blender to achieve a frothy “latte-like” consistency).

3. Use it to replace other oils in salad dressings.

4. Swap coconut oil for butter and other oils in baked goods.

5. Use as a replacement for butter on toast (top with cinnamon and sugar to make delicious cinnamon toast).

6. Make healthy Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars.

7. Add some coconut oil to your tea to soothe a sore throat.

8. Make yummy freezer fudge ( I love this simple recipe from The Coconut Mama).

9. Give your smoothies a nutritional boost by adding some coconut oil.

10. Mix with some rolled oats, sweetener of choice, dried fruits, nuts and seeds to make awesome granola.

11. Enjoy coconut oil by the spoonful for a serious dose of healthy fats.


12. Coconut oil provides some sun protection (although it does not meet the recommended SPF).

13. Use as your regular daily moisturizer.

14. Rub into your hands during the winter time to help heal dry hands.

15. Coconut oil can be used as a facial cleanser.

16. Use as a replacement for shaving cream.

17. Coconut oil can help soothe a sunburn.

18. Rub on the inside of your dry, irritated nostrils to help prevent nose bleeds.

19. Slather some on your lips to help heal dry, chapped lips.

20. Apply to feet at night and cover with socks to help with cracked heels.

21. Dab your cuticles and nail beds with coconut oil to help strengthen and inhibit nail growth.

22. Use coconut oil to remove your makeup at the end of the day.

23. Coconut oil is an excellent replacement for Lanolin for nursing mamas.

24. Coconut oil is great as an overnight hair mask.

25. Use coconut oil to tame frizz,

26. Coconut oil can be used to replace your regular deodorant.

27. Mix coconut oil with baking soda for a natural tooth paste.

28. Use coconut oil in your favorite DIY face mask recipes.

29. Mix coconut oil with some sugar or coarse salt to create an exfoliating facial scrub.

30. Make a homemade massage oil by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

31. Help tame eczema flare-ups with coconut oil.

32. Anti-fungal properties in coconut oil may help fight yeast infections.

33. Add coconut oil to a bath, along with some Epsom salt and your favorite essential oils.

34. Coconut oil helps alleviate dandruff symptoms.

35. Use coconut oil to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.


36. Rub on a child’s bumps and cuts to help speed up healing.

37. Use in place of traditional diaper rash cream.

38. It is great for using as a moisture barrier for cloth diapers.

39. Coconut oil is an excellent daily baby lotion.

40. Mix coconut oil with some peppermint essential oil to create a homemade bug repellent.

41. For a DIY cough-suppressant chest rub, mix coconut oil with eucalyptus and peppermint, applying to your child’s chest.

42. Use as a natural lice remedy – after an apple cider rinse, massage some coconut oil to your child’s scalp. Let sit overnight, then gently brush out lice and shampoo child’s hair.

43. Coconut oil can be used to remove gum from your child’s hair.


44. Use coconut oil to season a cast iron skillet.

45. Coconut oil can be used as a natural wood cleaner (make sure to spot test first!).

46. Use coconut oil to buff and shine your leather goods and shoes.

47. Remove sticky labels on bottles and jars using coconut oil.

48. Use coconut oil to make homemade coconut oil soap – or some DIY laundry detergent (here is a great recipe from Mommypotamus).

49. Rub some coconut oil into a dull chopping board to sanitize and restore shine.

50. Fix a squeaky hinge using coconut oil.


Unrefined coconut oil is as the name suggests, unrefined, meaning that it is unfiltered and unprocessed.  Because it is essentially coconut oil in it’s “natural” state, it has a stronger coconut flavor.  You will also see tiny bits of coconut floating around inside.  Also, it has a lower smoke point than refined coconut oil.  Use unrefined coconut oil for topical uses, such as skin and hair care.

On the other hand, refined coconut oil has been bleached and deodorized, resulting in a less prominent coconut flavor.   It has a higher smoke point, making it ideal for use in cooking applications.  Also, refined coconut oil is gentler on your digestive system.  Save refined coconut oil for the kitchen.


Unlike olive oil, there is virtually no difference between virgin and extra virgin coconut oil.  This is just a name preference based on the manufacturer of the coconut oil product.


Cold-pressed coconut oil is processed at temperatures that do not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit, while expeller-pressed coconut oil is processed at temperatures not exceeding 210 degrees Fahrenheit.  This creates a difference in nutritional value, as well as taste.

balanced mothering - 50 uses for coconut oil in your home

As you can see, the possibilities are endless.  Comment below if you have any other uses for coconut oil.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a jar, or two, today!

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