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So, you've decided to homeschool your child. It can be overwhelming trying to decide the best approach to homeschooling your child.  Thankfully, there are several methods to explore.  Below, you will find a summary of five common homeschooling methods that cater to a wide variety of teaching styles.
Homeschool co-ops are a great socialization tool used to simulate the benefits of a traditional “school” setting. Just a Disclaimer:  I am not a teacher by trade, nor do I claim to be.  The following are just ideas and tips that …
You will always find a jar... or two... of coconut oil in my home. Coconut oil is a nutritional powerhouse and necessity for any natural home. Below are 50 benefits and uses for coconut oil.
As weird as it sounds, getting healthy was something that I dreaded. I have struggled with my weight and eating habits for the majority of my life. After my youngest child turned one, I made the decision to take control of my life one and for all, choosing to make myself a priority.
This is a strength and toning workout that I do approximately two times a week. It targets all the major muscles and will leave you aching! For this fun, HIIT-style workout, all you need is a set of dumbbells.

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