(Last Updated On: April 14, 2020)

We are excited to learn and grow with our newly minted kindergartner.

Below is our Kindergarten Curriculum Checklist, which includes the topics we plan to cover during the year.  Of course, this list is just a starting point, and flexible to change depending on need.

balanced mothering - kindergarten curriculum checklist

Just a disclaimer:  I am not a teacher by trade, nor do I claim to be.  The following are just ideas and tips that were useful for our family and that other mamas might enjoy, as well.  If you are curious as to why we decided to homeschool our kids, you can read about it here.



Learn to tie shoes.

Write first and last name.

Learn important identifying information & how to make an emergency phone call.

Improve writing neatness and focus when working.

Reminders of manners and politeness.

Chores and other responsibilities.

Help make the bed.

Clear plate after a meal.

Help with dusting.

Put things back in their place and help with toy clean-up.

Put dirty clothes in the hamper.

Get dressed in the morning.

Brush teeth independently (with minimal help from mom).


Practice writing numbers 1 – 20.

Count to 100 & recognize all numbers.

Skip count to 100 by: 5’s, 10’s & 20’s.

Learn how to use a ruler and other basic measuring skills.

Basic graphing skills.

Basic addition & subtraction.

Learn the concept of <,> & =.

Complete more complex patterns.

Learn to identify money, how it’s used and perform simple counting.


All about the “five senses”.

Living vs. non-living objects.

Four seasons and different weather patterns.

The water cycle.

Different animals & their habitats.

Plants & their growth cycle.


Practice writing upper and lower-case letters.

Vowels vs. consonants.

Short and long vowel sounds.

Identify rhyming words.

Beginning vs. end sounds.

Simple CVC & sight words.

Write simple sentences.


Learn one Bible verse a month.

Read one Bible story a week.

Learn to recite the prayer “Our Father”.

Learn to recite Psalm 23.

balanced mothering - kindergarten curriculum checklist

Of course, this is just a starting point, and we will build on this list throughout the year.  If more focus is needed, we will re-adjust and spend more time as necessary. Hopefully, list helps other parents as they plan out their kindergarten curriculum for the upcoming school year.

balanced mothering_redefining what it means to have it all

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